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Viroinval DE24

'Rogaining' Checkpoint Challenge




THE12 walk

15 - 16 June 2024

Virionval, Belgium

Go out as a solo or duo team, during 24, 12 or 06 hours, in search of as many checkpoints as possible, scattered across the sloping forest and limestone landscapes of the Viroinval Valley.


All checkpoints are marked on a topographic map. Every checkpoint found contributes to your score in the final ranking. Along the way, you run or hike along trails of your own choice.

Route planningteamworkendurance and appreciation for nature!

icons8-last-24-hours-50 (1).png

'ultra' challenge

Max 24 hours time
Trail running

Day + Night
Hot meals

€110  solo team


€175  duo team

icons8-countdown-clock-100 (1).png

'trail' challenge

Max 12 hours time
Trail running

Day + Night
Hot meals

€90  solo team


€145  duo team

icons8-last-6-hours-100 (2).png

'fun' challenge

Max 06 hours time
Trail running

Only during the day
Hot meals

€60  solo team


€95  duo team

icons8-countdown-clock-100 (1).png


THE12 walk
'hike' challenge

Max 12 hours time

Day + Night
Hot meals

€60  solo team


€95  duo team

About the Viroinval'Rogaining' Checkpoint Challenge


Solo teams


Duo teams



Trail run

THE24  THE12  THE06



THE12 walk


Altitude meters:


± 15 / 85


A form of orientation race over long distance and in natural, challenging terrain. The goal is to achieve the highest score as a team by finding checkpoints within a certain time limit using topographical maps.

Just before the start of the race, each team receives a map of the area on which all checkpoints are marked, with description and ranking value. As a team you choose which checkpoints you will look for, in what order and according to your own chosen route.


Rogaining is a team activity for people from all ages and levels, from top athletes to families. The distance you cover is entirely up to you. The satisfaction is in finding your way around the course according to a route of your own choosing, and navigating back to the finish line within the time limit.

Base camp:

Camping Ardinam, Olloy-sur-Viroin

Our centrally located Basecamp is available for supplies, hot meals, rest or a friendly chat. Teams can return here at any time during the race, or not.

The winners):

Whoever brings in the most classification points within the given time wins the race.


Separate rankings for trail runners (24, 12, 6 hours) and walkers (12 hours)


We sell and rent out top quality navigation equipment from the Swedish brand Silva
with interesting prices


Silva Ranger 3

Silva Explorer 4

Silva folder case

30€ (incl. VAT)

45€ (incl. VAT)

20€ (incl. VAT)

What do we provide?

A cozy starting location (Basecamp) for participants and visitors. With campfire and mini-bar.


Hot meals and other supplies during the race.

Topo map of the region (scale 1:25,000) with indication of checkpoints to be searched

tracker for follow-up and safety, provided
Legends Tracking

A nice memento for everyone.

A larger trophy for the winners.

Storage area for your personal belongings and supplies

What you need to prepare and bring

Your own running equipment

(shoes, backpack, clothing, etc.)


Mandatory equipment for the road

(basic first aid kit, emergency blanket, headlamp, waterproof & warm clothes...)


Useful but not mandatory: navigation tools to find your way (compass, ruler, ...). GPS not allowed.


Personal snacks and drinks for the road


Your own accident insurance. The organization is not responsible for accidents during the race.

Frequent questions

Can I stay overnight at Basecamp ?
Yes. As a participant as well as accompanying family members, friends and supporters, you can spend the night at the Ardinam campsite where our basecamp is located. Book and pay for your own spot by calling the campground manager. Mention that you are part of our group, and you will get a spot close to the basecamp.


Do I need to know how to use a compass?
Yes and no. All checkpoints are already marked on the map from the start. So you can perfectly continue with just reading the map. However, if you are in doubt along the way between some paths, or you want to be sure of your walking direction, a compass can of course help.


Do we actually have to walk 24/12/06?
No. You have 24, 12 or 6 hours. Within that time you determine the efforts you want to make. Walking, hiking, taking a rest or enjoying the view on a bench ... 


Can we form a team of 3 or more?
We allow teams of 1 or 2 team members at registration. If you would like to form a team of 3, you can do so provided you are excluded from the final standings. This way we keep the standings fair for everyone (a team of 3 has more navigational advantages), but of course we don't want to deny the fun of participation either. Please send us a message if this is desired.


Are children allowed to participate?
Young people under 18 can participate if they are part of a team with at least 1 responsible adult. Keep in mind that the impact of such a long effort is greater on young people. We recommend that youth be involved in the 12 or 6 hour race variants.


Does this race fall under the Orienteering or Rogaining federation?
No. We like the concept, a mix of (ultra-)trail running and orienteering, but we set our own rules and give it our own twist. For example, with writing down codes and using the classic 1:25000 scale staff map.


Subscribe to this great rogaining adventure!


You will receive a payment request after registration. Check your email!

Do you have a gift voucher? You can pass on your code along the payment.

Participation in


Participant 1


Participant 2

(only for duo-team)

Conditions for participation

Read the competition rules and the cancellation policy of the Rogaining Checkpoint Challenges

Participants agree that their personal data will be stored to communicate about this activity. After the activity the data is deleted.

The course of your Checkpoint Challenge day


Saturday - 12.30 pm - Register

Saturday - 01.15 pm - Briefing

Saturday - 01.30 pm - Map

Saturday - 02.00 pm - Start of race

Sunday - 02.00 pm - End of race

THE12 'Walk'

Sunday - 12.30 am - Register

Sunday - 01.15 am - Briefing

Sunday - 01.30 am - Map

Sunday - 02.00 am - Start of race

Sunday - 02.00 pm - End of race


Sunday - 06.30 am - Register

Sunday - 07.15 am - Briefing

Sunday - 07.30 am - Map

Sunday - 08.00 am - Start of race

Sunday - 02.00 pm - End of race

Hours subject to change.

Arrival & Accomodation

  • As a participant, you can take all the time you need to live up to the race

  • Feel free to get to know your fellow competitors at the venue

  • Would you like to stay overnight? That's perfectly possible! Just bring your tent.


  • Each team receives a starter package. This package contains:

    • team sheet (to write down the checkpoint codes)

    • GPS tracker. This must be attached to the top of the shoulder strap of one of the team members.

  • Just before the start of the match, all teams receive an final race briefing


  • 30 minutes before the official start of the comprace, all teams receive the topographical map on which all checkpoints are indicated. This is where you start with route planning and tactics.

  • Every team gets exactly the same map and checkpoints.

  • From the start, time starts running. And so should you!

During the race

  • Search checkpoints in the defined area, according to your own plan and order

  • Move via a route that you map out yourself. Shortest or most beautiful route, your choice.

  • Each checkpoint has a unique code. You should write these down on the team sheet with the correct letter.

  • During the race you can return to the Basecamp. However, this is not mandatory.

    • The checkpoint codes found and brought in, are already stored in the classification​.

    • You can also stock up on food/drink


  • The team that brings in the most classification points within the given time, and arrives back at Basecamp on time, wins the battle.

  • All participants receive a souvenir

  • The winning team will also receive a larger trophy.

The afterparty

  • After the race, you'll be happy to linger a bit to talk about all your adventures of the past 24, 12 or 6 hours.

  • A drink, a hot snack in the afternoon sun?

  • Would you like to stay overnight after the race? That's perfectly possible! Just bring your tent.

Is this Checkpoint Challenge something that really appeals to you?

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