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Examples of assignments

Curious about what kind of guidelines or issues you will be given to find our checkpoints?

We provide some opportunities below for you to practice.

Assignment 'Back-2-Basecamp' and 'Point-2-Point'

In a "Back-2-Basecamp" or "Point-2-Point" assignment, you will have to solve navigational questions to identify checkpoints on a map. You will then search for these checkpoints in the area according to your own route plan. It is best to use:

  • The appropriate topographic map (you will get this from the organization)

  • A compass

  • Other tools such as a ruler, map angle meter, compass, ... can make the work easier

Here are some example exercises:

Paper card:
NGI 32/5-6 Topo25 Huldenberg

Scale: 1:25000

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 21.51_edited.jpg

Issue 1

The checkpoint is located next to a play area. 3.1 km from the church of Sint-Joris-Weert. You can see this play area from the church at 276°

Issue 2

The checkpoint is located at a gate, near a lake, at coordinate UTM 31U 061558 562769

Issue 3

We are looking for a marker for a walking route. On the N253 look for kilometer marker 11. From there you go ±125m south towards a religious monument. Turn left and continue along this road, until you reach an intersection of roads and/or paths that is approximately 900m further.

Issue 4

An intersection of local roads and a dirt road, located at 323° from the southernmost round point (on the map) on the N25, and ±5628.68km from the equator

Issue 5

There is a monument at the checkpoint.
From this monument you can see:

  • Kilometer marker K7 on the N25 at 63°

  • The church of Tombeek at 202°

  • The church of Terlanen at 101°


Issue 6

We are looking for a religious monument approximately 1.9 km from the church of Ottenburg and at the same distance as the bird's-eye view from the center circle of the Pécrot football field (Wallonia).

Assignment 'Route-2-Follow'

At a 'Route-2-Follow' assignment, you will receive a (part of the) map in which a mapped out route has already been drawn. You take this map with you and follow this route as precisely as possible, to encounter the necessary checkpoints along the way.

Route 1_edited.jpg
Route 2_edited.jpg

Command 'Satellite-2-Scan'

At a 'Satellite-2-Scan' assignment, put the topographic map aside for a moment. We will provide you with an aerial photo of the area showing a number of checkpoints. You can search for these checkpoints (and navigate along the way) based on the visible elements on the satellite image.

Satellite 2_edited.jpg
Satellite 1_edited.jpg

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